Noticeable things in Last day on earth survival


Exploring the new things and using them for them is a fantastic thing to do sometimes. Well, in the real life we hardly get time for such activities.

You can do it in the last day on earth survival game to have more fun and entertainment. This is a survival based game where the zombies will be attacking you. To stay alive, you have to kill the zombies and escape. The game is superb and millions of people have downloaded it already in android. The graphics and animations are superb.

Playing smartly is very important in the survival games because everyone wants to win and go to the higher level of the game.

Gathering and crafting task

You can enhance your creativity in the last day on earth survival game. There is some crafting task in which you can create weapons, items for the house etc. By doing this you will be able to come up with the interesting ideas and things to do. This will be enhancing your creativity in many folds.

Survive longer

Gathering the gaming resources to survive for a long period of time is necessary. Don’t start killing the zombies in the starting of game. You should spend quality of time on the collection of the resources like medical kits, weapons, and other equipment. You should be able to collect important items which are very helpful. It is also very important to stay in the green area for your safety.

Creating items for the house

–         You can start with the very small house crafting. After that, you should put necessary items in it. You have to create the items on your own and then place it in the house.

–         You need the flooring in the house and then start erecting the huge wall for the safety or by using Last Day On Earth Survival Hack. You should remember the fact that expansion of the house is also very important as your gaming wealth increases.

–         There are many points where you can spend the money to have more benefits. You can also create a box to store more items. By making the campfire you will be able to cook food well. This will be enhancing the quality of the food.

Fit a door in the house

A door in the house has great significance because all your goods and loots will be there. It is quite possible that other opponents might start attacking and raiding on your house for it.

With a door, you can increase the level of the security of your house. Your opponent has to work really hard for the stealing something for this packed and secured house.

Try the military base

Usually, a military base is ignored by players because it is very hard to reach in it.  You will need a security card. You should always remember that military bases don’t expire. But getting the card is a bit tricky task and you need to put very hard efforts for this task.

Security card is available in the dead bodies of the zombies. You can also find them in the human opponents. There is no doubt that it is a bit risky task and you will have to put everything on the risk. But it is worthy of trying at least once.

Explore more wisely

You should also explore more areas to find the suitable resources for you. There are some areas where you can always find something important. It can be anything like new weapons, medical kits etc.

At the time of exploring never forget the fact that everything is not worthy of your collection. Choose the items wisely which can enhance the quality of your gaming in the last day on earth survival game.